We are developing an innovative and creative product, easy to use by everyone, to increase fire safety. The product is comparable to a throwable fire extinguisher. It is a container filled with a fire extinguishing solution. The container is a breakable container made from a material such as ceramics or glass. This will allow the container to shatter, dispersing the extinguishing liquid around the point of impact. The liquid is a solution of water and certain fire extinguishing chemicals, which are proven to be effective and safe on touch. The product will be shattered when thrown, but will not break when accidentally tossed over.

Furthermore, the product will hold the largest volume possible, so it’ll be able to extinguish the largest fire, but must be still light enough to be easily throwable. The design of the product will balance the volume, the design and the easiness to throw. The product will be easily recognised as a fire extinguisher, however it will not be unappealing like the standard fire extinguisher, which would result in the owner putting the product somewhere out of sight and quite likely out of reach. In other words, because of the aesthetic design, this will make sure that people will not stock it away and the product will be within arm’s reach.

This in turn, will result in a low response time and the fire being extinguished faster. This in turn results in less damage occurred during the fire, resulting in a lower cost associated with the fire. Finally, another advantage in comparison to the standard fire extinguisher is that people will be able to place our product in every house and even in every room, where the standard fire extinguisher often is only found at every floor or even only in the hall of the building. This increases fire safety at all levels.