A Revolutionary Way to Extinguish Fires

Why would you choose Flame Away?

Effective, safe, and sustainable

Flame Away helps extinguish fires quickly without causing damage to your home, people, or the environment.

Easy to use by anyone at any time

Flame Away is super easy to use. You don’t need any training, and everyone, young or old, can use it.

Design combined with safety

Our product looks good in your home and is always nearby, ready for action in case of a fire.

No maintenance,
No expiration date

Just place it in your house – you don’t have to worry about maintaining it.

How Flame Away Contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Flame Away saves lives. By quickly extinguishing fires, you not only protect your own life but also that of others.

Flame Away is user-friendly and suitable for everyone, from the elderly to children. People of all vitality groups can use it effortlessly.

Flame Away is produced in the Netherlands with high-quality materials that are easily recyclable.

Flame Away does not contain harmful substances such as PFAS, which are dangerous to aquatic life.

After using Flame Away, cleaning up is easy without leaving traces in your home or the environment.

Known from:

Flame Away was named by the FD as one of the most innovative young startup teams
Flame Away won the first place in the Philips Innovation Awards Idea Phase in the 2022
Flame Away pitched on BNR Zakendoen Pitch
Flame Away was selected as one of the best design products of the Netherlands
The AD published about Flame Away in their list of KVK Innovatie Top 100
The KVK Innovatie Top 100 named Flame Away as one of the most innovative companies of the Netherlands
Flame Away was named by the MT/Sprout as one of the most innovative young startup teams in their 25 under 25 list
Flame Away is a VU startup that graduated from the Demonstrator Lab
Flame Away is sustainable and thus was nominated for the Make It Circular Challenge

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