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For what types of fire is the Flame Away suitable?

The Flame Away can be used on solid fires. These fires include most burning solid objects: tables, floors, curtains, and wood.

What is the size of the fire the Flame Away can extinguish?

The Flame Away’s liquid after use has a diameter of 1 – 3 meters, meaning that in this area the fire will be extinguished and not reignite in most cases.

Is the Flame Away a replacement for a certified fire extinguisher?

The Flame Away is not a replacement for a certified fire extinguisher, the Flame Away is a complementary tool.

What if I miss while throwing the Flame Away in case of a fire?

When following the product manual’s instructions (meaning standing 1 meter from the fire), it will be unlikely to miss the fire completely. It is possible that you are not able to hit the entirety of the area of the fire, but you will still reduce the size of the fire over the area which you did cover.

What is the advantage of using the Flame Away over throwing a glass of water over the fire?

The Flame Away is faster to use, has more effective extinguishing capabilities and prevents the reignition of the fire.


What kind of material is the Flame Away made of?

The Flame Away’s shell is made of glass, which is a sustainable, long-lasting and pretty material. Furthermore, it has the advantage of spreading the liquid far and equally horizontally when the product is used, meaning that the area in which the Flame Away can extinguish is increased.

The Flame Away’s liquid is a water-based mixture that effectively extinguishes the fire and prevents reignition.

Are the shard hard to clean?

No, the shards are easy to broom together and can easily be picked up while wearing gloves.

Is the liquid hard to clean and does it stain?

No. The liquid can easily be mopped and does not stain or bleach. The liquid can easily be washed out

Is the liquid toxic?

No. The liquid is safe conforming to the EU’s regulations. However, we strongly advise against drinking the Flame Away’s liquid.