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Our Journey

Flame Away started in 2019 during the minor Entrepreneurship at the UvA. During this minor four students, Thymen van Meenen, Tommaso Alboni, Samanta Vaivade and Max Nijman conceptualised the idea of Flame Away. The team worked tirelessly on Flame Away with the UvA and several fire departments. As a result, Flame Away got admitted to the Demonstrator Lab in November of 2019.

The Demonstrator Lab is an incubator centre where promising startups can develop their idea and most importantly their product, whilst learning from other like-minded individuals. The Demonstator Lab, located at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, offered us their facilities for office and lab space, which we utilise to perfect the product of Flame Away. Using the extensive knowledge of the people at the Demonstrator Lab, we have learned a lot about the subjects related to entrepreneurship, being the most effective chain of supply to producing a reliable product in the most effective way. Furthermore, the facilities at the VU allow us to test our product in a safe situation of fires under different conditions, allowing us to ensure the effectiveness of our product. After all, Flame Away stands for a reliable product, which people can trust with their lives.

On the 30th of January of 2020, Flame Away was selected as a finalist from a selection of over 25 startups of the minor Entrepreneurship. There we pitched Flame Away to a group of investors and other interested people.

Furthermore, Flame Away participated in the Fire Safety challenge and got awarded the innovation price and an additional 2500 euros to help us develop and perfect our product. This award set the collaboration of Flame Away with Woonzorg, Habion and Wooncompagnie in stone. Flame Away uses its extensive network to ensure that our product is easily usable by people of all ranges of vitality.  

In the summer of 2020 Tommaso, Samanta and Thymen decided to focus on their studies and leave Flame Away. Of course, Max Nijman continued with an unbreakable spirit to prevent lives from being lost due to fires in perfecting the throwable fire extinguishing tool of Flame Away.
In March of 2021 Flame Away joined the We make change community, which strives to connect high-value volunteers to social enterprises. Since Flame Away strives to improve the world by giving people a fighting chance against fires, this was only a natural collaboration. Together with the great volunteers of Wemakechange.org Flame Away will continue to make the world a safer place!

Flame Away is incubating as a scientific project by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam at the Demonstrator Lab and in collaboration with the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Since we are working with two universities, we are surrounded by an academic environment full of innovation and expertise. For this reason, we have access to scientific lab spaces and a great number of testing facilities. We have the expertise of various chemical professors, which have backed up our project continuously. We are incorporated in the Demonstrator Lab by the Vrije Universiteit and they provide us with financial resources for the possible manufacturing of our product. Furthermore, we are working together with the Gezamelijke Brandweer and the local fire departments in Amsterdam to perfect this product.

During the summer of 2022, we were glad to welcome Tommaso back into the team, who’d finished his master’s in strategic management at the Rotterdam School of Management and uses his experience from his internship at Van Lanschot Kempen to help Flame Away.

Max Nijman


Tommaso Alboni